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Our history

The story of Randemar Restaurante begins with a young Toni Oliver, born and raised in Sóller. Growing up, he used to go every summer to lend a hand to his father at La Lonja Restaurant in Puerto de Sóller, owned by his family and frequented by famous clients. These years of experience prompted Toni to start his own business when he was only 19 years old, the age at which he converted a Majorcan house into Randemar Restaurant.

16 years later, Toni met Cristina, a talented Miami girl with experience in design and fashion, who later became his wife and with whom they began a new chapter in Randemar's history.

Cristina brought a totally renewed perspective and energy to this old Majorcan house and together with her husband Toni they managed to establish a team in which Majorcan and American traditions and customs came together to bring a new concept to both the kitchen and the interior design. of the restaurant. 


Our culinary journey

The philosophy of Toni and Cristina at Randemar is that this restaurant becomes your home away from home, being able to share this magical place in Puerto de Sóller. 


The young and modern atmosphere, the wonderful views of the sea, the relaxing music, the tasty seasonal Mediterranean cuisine of chef Aleix Viada and a good service are combined in this charming place that has created so many unforgettable memories for more than two decades.

Each dish is a reflection of our passion for offering the highest quality, both in traditional recipes and in our own creations. Give yourself a good taste in your mouth, visit us today.

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